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Company Profile

As FOCUS INDUSTRY, we became fascinated by the idea of helping the customer achieve excellence and set out to supply best quality products in the shortest delivery time and at the most affordable price. We work collaboratively with clients and producers to supply most efficient solutions by using the experience we have gained over 15 years in industrial, construction and energy sectors. We focus on voice of our customers in every step of our business processes by putting current technology and innovation tools in our center. We provide services on industrial products, burners, pumps, heating and cooling systems, PLC and SCADA

Product Profile

  • Process Heating and Burner systems
  • Industrial products
  • Ladle Heating Systems,
  • Tundish Heating Systems,
  • Process Heating and Burner systems
  • Industrial Heating Systems
  • Hot Air Generators
  • Pump and fluid technologies
  • Hot Air Generators for roof-top devices
  • Special spark plug and ignition electrode manufacturing for your burner
  • And all equipment and spare parts of these systems
  • Fast and alternative solutions with the most appropriate price and deadline for all your needs

Metal-working industries

  • melting of steel, iron and non-ferrous metals
  • heating, preheating, holding
  • heat treatment and surface treatment
  • vapour deposition (PVD, CVD), coating
  • others

Stone and earth industries

  • glass industry
  • ceramic industry
  • cement, lime and gypsum industry
  • others

Chemical and petrochemical industries

  • chemical industry
  • petrochemical and mineral oil industry
  • others

Other industries

  • wood, plastics, textiles industry
  • others

Process firing equipment

  • industrial burners for solids
  • industrial burners for liquid fuels
  • industrial burners for gaseous fuels
  • inductive heating including HF and MF generators
  • resistance heating
  • microwave heating, plasma heating
  • others

Other components and accessories for industrial furnaces

  • recuperators, regenerators
  • protective and reactive gas generating equipment
  • environmental protection systems
  • control systems
  • heat-insulating and refractory material
  • others

Services related to products

  • engineering, design
  • assembly, commissioning
  • maintenance, inspection, repair
  • safety inspection
  • others

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