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John Cockerill SA

Address1 Rue Jean Potier
4100 Seraing
Phone0032 4 33 02 444
Fax0032 4 33 02 546

Company Profile

Société Anonyme

Product Profile

  • Energy Solutions
  • Defense
  • Industry
  • Environment
  • Services
  • Renewables

Part of John Cockerill’s Solids & Waste Business Line, “The Nesa Solution®” is a leader in the design of a full set of thermal solutions. Since 1968, Nesa has built its vast experience in the design and construction of industrial furnaces, based on more than 150 industrial references worldwide.

For the past 50 years, our teams have also developed a large expertise in the field of revamping of furnaces, aiming to increase their capacity and enhance their performance.

Furnace Technologies
2 types of furnaces are available:
  •   Multiple Hearth Furnace (M.H.F.)
  •   Vertical Shaft Kiln (V.S.K.)

Our experts developed and manufactured several thermal treatment processes derived from one general concept: the thermal treatment in controlled mode.

Furnace Test Station
We own and operate two Pilot Stations in Belgium and China to test samples directly coming from our clients, and to fine tune operating conditions of new thermal processes.


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