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Linn High Therm GmbH

AddressHeinrich-Hertz-Platz 1
92275 Eschenfelden
Phone0049 9665 9140 0
Fax0049 9665 1720

Company Profile

Linn High Therm, Eschenfelden, is since 1969 one of the leading manufacturers of electrically heated industrial and laboratory furnaces, induction furnaces, microwaves, sample preparation machines for spectroscopy, precision fine casting machines. Especially customer specified special machines are our scope of delivery.

Linn produces at 3 locations and exports in appr. 50 countries.

– Worldwide there are more than 40 sales and service representations.

Product Profile

  • Industrial furnaces
  • Laboratory furnaces
  • Induction heating
  • Microwave heating
  • Sample preparation for spectroscopy

Metal-working industries

  • melting of steel, iron and non-ferrous metals
  • heating, preheating, holding
  • heat treatment and surface treatment
  • vapour deposition (PVD, CVD), coating
  • others

Stone and earth industries

  • glass industry
  • ceramic industry
  • cement, lime and gypsum industry
  • others

Chemical and petrochemical industries

  • chemical industry
  • petrochemical and mineral oil industry
  • others

Other industries

  • wood, plastics, textiles industry
  • others

Process firing equipment

  • inductive heating including HF and MF generators
  • resistance heating
  • microwave heating, plasma heating

Other components and accessories for industrial furnaces

  • recuperators, regenerators
  • environmental protection systems
  • control systems

Services related to products

  • engineering, design
  • assembly, commissioning
  • maintenance, inspection, repair
  • safety inspection
  • others

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