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ENCOTHERM İndustrial Furnaces Ltd.

AddressDudullu OSB. Mah. DES Sanayi Sitesi B-15 Blok No:14-16 Ümraniye /istanbul
Phone0090 216 313 43 25
Fax0090 216 499 14 73

Company Profile

Our company has started production on a workshop in April 2003 at Dudullu Organized Industrial Zone, DES Site in Istanbul. Today, we manufacture top quality products on a larger plant, with 600 m2 of closed area and serve our customers with 30 skilled staff.
Main products are furnaces and unique Encotherm equipments, which cover a wide range of standard and custom designed items.
Our brand, Encotherm is built out of mission compositions;
“En”gineering, “Co”nstruction and “Therm”al thecnologies.
By weight of aluminium, brass and steel manufacturing industry is one of the sectors that we cater to. Automotive, white goods, defense, machinery and spare-parts manufacturing sectors, are just some of our customer profiles.
Our company policy is to meet the required quality of our customers, on-time delivery, by maintaining efficient, economic, environment-safe designs.
With continuous development of our technical staff, increasing manufacturing capacity and experience, we are ready to produce most suitable solutions for you.

Product Profile

  • Aluminium Heat Treatment Furnaces (T6-T4)
  • Bell & Pit Type Annealing Furnaces
  • Controlled Atmosphere Mesh Belt Brazing & Annealing Furnaces
  • Billet Heating Furnaces for Aluminium & Brass
  • Aluminium Homogenising Furnaces for logs
  • Aluminium Ageing Furnaces
  • Aluminium Melting & Holding Furnaces for Extrusion & Die Casting  İndustry
  • Shaft Type Aluminium Melting & Holding Furnaces

Metal-working industries

  • melting of steel, iron and non-ferrous metals
  • heating, preheating, holding
  • heat treatment and surface treatment

Stone and earth industries

  • glass industry
  • ceramic industry

Other industries

  • wood, plastics, textiles industry

Process firing equipment

  • resistance heating

Other components and accessories for industrial furnaces

  • protective and reactive gas generating equipment
  • environmental protection systems
  • control systems

Services related to products

  • engineering, design
  • assembly, commissioning
  • maintenance, inspection, repair
  • safety inspection

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