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AddressCorneliusstrasse 36
40215 Duesseldorf
Phone0049 (211) 38425 0
Fax0049 (211) 38425 20

Company Profile

Based on its long tradition and experience, ANDRITZ Maerz has developed into one of the leading suppliers of furnace systems to the steel and stainless steel industries for the heating, heat treatment and forging process. In the copper sector, especially smelting and refining furnaces for primary and secondary production are offered, as well as converters for copper and precious metals refining.

The activities include the planning, design, engineering, supply, installation, and start-up of industrial furnaces and their accessory installations. All supplies and services are modelled on each customer´s particular requirements. Thus ANDRITZ Maerz sees its role not only as an engineering company and equipment supplier, but as a solution provider. In addition to the product portfolio the company also specializes in modernizing furnace plants through the use of environmental friendly technologies and state-of-the-art materials.

Product Profile

  • Reheating of steel: Rotary hearth/rotary table furnaces, pusher-type furnaces, walking hearth/walking beam furnaces.
  • Heat treatment of steel: Pipe annealing furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, double walking beam furnaces, car bottom annealing furnaces, chamber annealing furnaces, hood-type furnaces.
  • Forging process, steel: Car bottom furnaces, chamber/double chamber furnaces.
  • Special furnaces: Heat-treatment plants for high-speed railway steel wheels.
  • Primary and secondary copper production: Tiltable reverberatory furnaces, shaft/hearth shaft furnaces, drum-type furnaces.
  • Special copper technologies: Top blown rotary converters (TBRC), Direct-to-Wire.

Metal-working industries

  • melting of steel, iron and non-ferrous metals
  • heating, preheating, holding
  • heat treatment and surface treatment

Services related to products

  • engineering, design
  • assembly, commissioning
  • maintenance, inspection, repair

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