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Elster NV/SA

AddressRue du fourneau, 28
4030 Liège
Phone0032 434 950 49
Fax0032 434 950 40

Company Profile

Cogégaz Liège was founded in 1919. During more than 95 years, the company has grown as a specialist and a reliable partner for flow measurement, control equipment and systems focused on gas application. In 1995, Cogégaz was bought by the ELSTER group and became, in 2009, ELSTER NV/SA 

We offer solutions for every application either as single components or complete gas systems. The metering and regulation product range covers devices for measuring gas consumption as well as traditional gas regulators for low, medium and high pressures.

Through their Elster Kromschröder brand name, Elster Kromschröder components are recognized as being of the highest quality well-known by manufacturers of heating systems and industrial furnaces.
We supply complete gas systems to Aluminium, Steel, Ceramic and glass industries. These systems are assembled, wired and tested, and are therefore ready to operate. Naturally, we guarantee compliance with all international standards and regulations.

Product Profile

  • Complete Kromschröder gas and air trains,
  • Valves, filters, gas pressure regulators,
  • Safety shut-off Valves, safety relief valves, air/gas ratio controls,
  • Solenoid valves for gas, motorized valves for gas, thightness controls, linear flow controls, gear motors, valves and butterfly valves for air and fumes,
  • Pressure switches for gas and air,
  • Automatic burner control units and flame detectors with field bus interface,
  • Industrial burners, recuperative burners with high efficiency, flat flame burners, hot air burners, Low NOx burners, pilot burners,
  • Metering devices for gas, Ultrasonic, turbine, rotary, diaphragm meter with MID compliance,
  • High pressure reducing and metering gas stations.

Process firing equipment

  • industrial burners for gaseous fuels

Other components and accessories for industrial furnaces

  • recuperators, regenerators
  • protective and reactive gas generating equipment
  • environmental protection systems
  • control systems
  • heat-insulating and refractory material
  • others

Services related to products

  • engineering, design
  • assembly, commissioning
  • maintenance, inspection, repair
  • safety inspection
  • others

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