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General Technical Information

Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment (IThE) and EU Directives


Industrial furnaces/thermoprocessing equipment is classified as machines and therefore in the scope of the machinery directive (MD)  2006/42/EC. Hence it is necessary to fulfil all requirements which are described in the MD (risk assessment, documentation and finally the declaration of conformity). By reason of that you have to put a CE mark on the machine.

EU Directives for Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment (IThE)


  • Machinery safety                                          MD        2006/42/EC
  • Electromagnetic compatibility                        EMC      2014/30/EU

 Some times

  • Pressure equipment                                     PED        2014/68/EU
  • Equipment and protective systems
    in potentially explosive atmospheres             ATEX     2014/34/EU


  • Low voltage                                                   LVD        2014/35/EU
  • Appliances burning gaseous fuels                     GAR       2016/426/EU

When the manufacturer or his authorised representative that is established in the community brings a machine or a safety component in the sense of the machinery directive into the market, they have to issue a EU declaration of conformity (MD 2006/42/EC, article 12).

As a EU declaration of conformity is termed the procedure with which it is declared that the machine brought into circulation conforms to all applicable safety and health requirements. With the signature of the EU declaration of conformity one attains the entitlement to apply the CE mark on the machine.


Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment (IThE) and EN 746 Series

The safety requirement for industrial furnace are described in the mandated and harmonized
EN 746-1 (Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment - Part 1: Common safety requirements for industrial thermoprocessing equipment).

Special and additional safety requirements for industrial burners are described in the mandated and harmonized EN 746-2 (Industrial Thermoprocessing Equipment - Safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems).

Within the understanding of the MD Industrial Burners are not (completed) machines, but a significant part of a machine (i.e. heating equipment). Therefore industrial burners are PARTLY COMPLETED MACHINES.





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