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List of Metallurgical Equipment

The companies of the CECOF member associations are supplying the following metallurgical Equipment:
Note: For a detailed product directory please directly contact the national member associations.

1. Plant and equipment for processing of raw materials

1.1 Handling of ore, coke and other raw material

1.2 Processing of ore and/or scrap

1.3 Coking plant facilities

2. Plant and equipment for iron making/reduction processes

2.1 Blast furnace processing

2.2 Reduction processes (electric, direct, melting)

3. Steel production plant and equipment

3.1 Steel production BOF route

3.2 Steel production EAF route

3.3 Secondary Metallurgy

3.4 Continuous casting (near-net-shape/strip/horizontal)

4. NF Metal production, plant and equipment

4.1 Reduction refining (incl. Electrolysis)

4.2 Melting reduction

4.3 Continuous casting

5. Plant and equipment for shaping of steel

5.1 Complete plants (e.g. rolling mills)

5.2 Reheating furnaces

5.3 Hot/cold rolling of steel

5.4 Other hot/cold shaping processes (e.g. forging)

6. Plant and equipment for shaping of NF-Metals

6.1 Complete plants (e.g. rolling mills)

6.2 Hot/cold rolling of NF-metals

6.3 Other hot/cold shaping processes (e.g. forging)

7. Strip processing lines

7.1 Continuous annealing

7.2 Pickling

7.3 Galvanizing

7.4 Colour coating

7.5 Tinning lines 

8.Finishing line equipment for

8.1 Flat products

8.2 Long products

8.3 Tubes/pipes

9. Electrical drives and (integrated) automation system

10. Miscellaneous eqipment

10.1 Storage and conveying

10.2 Metal-cutting machinery

10.3 Water hydraulics

10.4 Auxiliary (e.g. roller bearings, wear parts)

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