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Lechler GmbH

AddressUlmer Str. 128
72555 Metzingen
Phone 49 7123962401

Company Profile

Lechler spray nozzles and systems are main contributors to product quality and energy efficiency in modern metallurgical production processes in the steel and NF-Metal industries.

For over 140 years, Lechler has pioneered developments in spray technology for all industries, designing, developing and manufacturing products of outstanding reliability and performance. All accompanied by expert advice based on a thorough knowledge gained through experience in providing both conventional and innovative solutions. Today, Lechler offers one of the most comprehensive range of spray nozzles and systems world-wide.

Lechler is a truly international company. In addition to the headquarters and main works in Metzingen / Germany, affiliate companies with production exist in China, India, USA, England and Hungary. Sales offices in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Malaysia and representatives in many other steel producing countries complete the global service network.

Product Profile

  • Nozzles and headers for hydro mechanical descaling in hot rolling
  • Nozzles (single fluid & air mist) for secondary cooling systems of continuous casting machines
  • Nozzles and headers for roll cooling in flat hot and cold rolling
  • Selective roll cooling systems for shape control in cold rolling of steel and NF materials
  • Selective roll cooling systems for aluminium hot rolling
  • Nozzles and systems for gas cooling and cleaning (pollution/NOX control)
  • Nozzles and headers for pickling and processing lines (steel and NF)
  • Engineering of nozzle configurations and spray application engineering

Steel production plant and equipment

  • Steel production BOF route
  • Steel production EAF route
  • Continuous casting (near-net-shape/strip/horizontal)

Plant and equipment for shaping of steel

  • Hot/cold rolling of steel
  • Other hot/cold shaping processes (e.g. forging)

Plant and equipment for shaping of NF-Metals

  • Hot/cold rolling of NF-metals
  • Other hot/cold shaping processes (e.g. forging)

Strip processing lines

  • Continuous annealing
  • Pickling
  • Galvanizing
  • Colour coating
  • Tinning lines

Finishing line equipment for

  • Flat products
  • Long products

Miscellaneous equipment

  • Water hydraulics

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