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Hugo Miebach GmbH

AddressDortmunder Feld 51
44147 Dortmund
Phone 49 2318406130

Company Profile

Founded in Dortmund, Germany, 1907, Hugo Miebach GmbH is a privately owned company that is active in the field of resistance-, arc- and laser-welding machines. With our products we are worldwide market leaders for coil joining of wide strips in the steel industry.

Our aim is to continuously reduce customer’s processing costs by means of increased productivity and quality, achieved by further development of our machines and system technology. Our speciality is the welding of standard grade steels and also modern high strength materials of thicknesses between 0.1 to 9.0 mm and up to 2100 mm width to allow the production of continuous strips. Of course, our laser welds are without over-thickness and suitable for further cold rolling etc.

Our activities will not stop after acceptance of the machine by the customers. Service, technical upgrade and revamping of existing machines is a part of our company philosophy. With equipment from Miebach you will experience outstanding quality and long-lasting performance of systems - Made in Germany.

Product Profile

  • Resistance welder for narrow overlap joints on strip ends based on spot, roll spot or roller seam welding principle
  • Resistance welding machines based on mash seam principle (QM) for cold rolled strip ends up to 3,3 mm thickness
  • Laser welding machines CSL for very thin strip of 0,1 mm up to 0,8 mm cold rolled steel
  • Laser welding machines CSLH for thin strip of 0,3 mm up to 3 mm cold rolled steel
  • Laser welding machines HCSLH for strip of 0,6 mm up to 4,5 mm hot and cold rolled steel
  • Laser welding machines HSL for hot rolled strip of 0,8 mm, up to 9 mm
  • Laser welding machines FL for cutting and welding by laser for strip of 0,1 mm - 4 mm
  • Quality Control Data Systems for resistance and laser welding processes
  • Resistance welding solutions for long products

Plant and equipment for shaping of steel

  • Complete plants (e.g. rolling mills)
  • Hot/cold rolling of steel

Plant and equipment for shaping of NF-Metals

  • Complete plants (e.g. rolling mills)
  • Hot/cold rolling of NF-metals
  • Other hot/cold shaping processes (e.g. forging)

Strip processing lines

  • Continuous annealing
  • Pickling
  • Galvanizing
  • Colour coating
  • Tinning lines

Finishing line equipment for

  • Flat products

Miscellaneous equipment

  • Auxiliary (e.g. roller bearings, wear parts)

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