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Company Profile

Our company was founded in 2015 with a wide scale of product in order to serve in sectors such as industrial furnace manufacturing, casting heat treatment, iron and steel, ceramics, copper alloys, glass, enamel, cement, whiteware, thermal power station, aluminum, work safety. With the products we have produced due to increasing demand of industrial furnaces and their equipments our company have become known and turned into a brand name in both our country and abroad. We are the main supplier of insulation and refractory materials, resistors, automation and auxiliary materials. We continue to provide our services as TREND MAKINE A.Ş. We are prepared to afford customers' demands with current technology, our knowledgeable and experienced staff.

Product Profile

  • Die Heating Furnaces
  • Chamber Furnaces
  • Car Type Furnaces
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Laboratory Furnace
  • High Temperature Furnaces
  • Annealing Furnaces
  • Heat Treatment Furnaces
  • Forging Furnaces
  • Ceraics and Glass Furnaces
  • Special Type Furnaces
  • Steel, Stainless, Ductile iron, brass, copper, aluminum, iron and nonferrous alloys.
  • Induction Melting Systems
  • Melting and Holding Furnaces
  • Extrusion Line Furnaces
  • Loading Carts
  • Transport Ladles

Metal-working industries

  • melting of steel, iron and non-ferrous metals
  • heating, preheating, holding
  • heat treatment and surface treatment
  • others

Stone and earth industries

  • ceramic industry

Chemical and petrochemical industries

  • chemical industry
  • petrochemical and mineral oil industry

Process firing equipment

  • industrial burners for solids
  • industrial burners for liquid fuels
  • industrial burners for gaseous fuels
  • resistance heating

Other components and accessories for industrial furnaces

  • recuperators, regenerators
  • protective and reactive gas generating equipment
  • environmental protection systems
  • control systems
  • heat-insulating and refractory material
  • others

Services related to products

  • engineering, design
  • assembly, commissioning
  • maintenance, inspection, repair
  • safety inspection
  • others

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